David White ... Lead Vocals, Percussion

Founder of the band, this dynamic vocalist is no stranger to the local music scene. Over the past several years David has delivered crowd-pleasing performances with groups such as Fast Forward and MAD Funk.

Christine Papp Lead Vocals

During the past few years this gifted singer has fronted two of Rochester 's favorite bands, Brass Taxi and Big Noise . Christine's high-energy performance gives an added dimension to the band's exciting stage show.

Elizabeth Eagan Keyboards, Back-up Vocals

Betsy is an original member of Just For Kicks . Her previous experience includes groups such as MAD Funk and American Band- -playing rock to funk, and everything in between. Trained in classical music, Betsy's playing style adds richness to the Just For Kicks overall sound.

Rick DeCoursey Drums

Rick is the backbone of the band's steady dance beat. A veteran musician with over twenty years of experience, Rick has played with a variety of groups, most recently The New Dillons and Joe Likely and The Rhythm & Blues All-Stars.

Joe Ross Lead Guitar, Back-up Vocals

Joe is a Professional Piano Technician by day, and a funky guitar player by night. His ability to blend his jazz and blues playing style with the band's R&B and Party / Dance favorites has resulted in a guitar sound that is distinctive, but not overbearing.

Erika Sato Bass Guitar

Erika, a former member of the band Think Twice, is an intricate part of the band's driving rhythm section. Her steady, relentless, bass beat keeps the crowd on the dance floor. Erika's blues background has given an added dimension to the group's groove.